Objective: Via a targeted mailing campaign, attempt to gain Anthony Cistaro (Kenneth Irons, Witchblade) the opportunity to read for a part--any part--on the ABC spy-series Alias.
The rest we'll wisely leave in his more-than-capable hands.

Frequently Asked Questions

Mission Target

Sample Letters

Sample Postcards

Scroll for your online briefing.
Answers to questions, and necessary mission protocol.
Be sure to give some solid, logical support to your appeal to audition (and ultimately cast) Anthony Cistaro in a part on Alias. This would be a good time to list Anthony's impressive skill as an actor, and his proficiency where languages and accents are concerned (sure to be an asset on the globetrotting Alias).
Is there something on Anthony's dossier along with Witchblade that you could bring up? Perhaps a stage role that you could reference? His education?
In your correspondence be sure to use a polite, intelligent and business-like tone. Edit out any mention of Anothy's abs, eyes, or other such swoony-text. Remember, Recruit, your mission is to get him noticed by the casting director of Alias, not set him up on a blind date.

If you don't already, get to know Alias; what the show is about, who the main characters are. The more you know about the Alias the better you can communicate to the casting director why you think Anthony is a perfect fit for the show.
You might even get some ideas about who you might like to see Anthony play; Mr. Sark's other nemesis? Irina Derevko's second husband? Vaughn's daddy in a flashback? A compatriot of Sloane's within the Alliance?

Don't forget to add Anthony's contact information in your letter or postcard. Once the Alias folks realize how much they need him we don't want them to have to look too far to get in touch with his representatives.

Don't forget, in the midst of all this other stuff, to make your respectful request of the casting department on Alias. The only reason they don't know how much they want to cast Anthony in a part is because we haven't yet told them!
Always add the disclaimer below to any communication you send to Alias. And don't forget to add your own demographic information, such as your name and hometown, to your letter/postcard.

Disclaimer: Alias.Witchblade Mission:Cistaro is not connected in any way to actor Anthony Cistaro or his representatives, the television shows Alias or Witchblade, or any television network or production company.
Alias.Witchblade Mission:Cistaro is an entirely unaffiliated fan-run and fan-conceived campaign, totally independent of any of the above-referenced parties.

Directory of Field Operatives: Once you send your letter or postcard, e-mail Mrs. Sark and Mrs. J. Bristow with your online alias and we'll add you to our online directory of field operatives--that is if you think it's safe for your name to get out there.

Mrs. Sark and Mrs. J. Bristow are available via clicking on their respective encrypted frequencies.

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