Please send postcards to:

April Webster, Casting Director Alias
ABC, Inc.
500 S. Buena Vista Street
Burbank, CA 91521

Send a Letter
Please send at least one letter, following it with postcards.

Postcard Graphics

Feel free print a different back for your postcard to personalize it (see the top things to include below). Please, do, however, use the front photo posted here to establish that you are part of the Mission: Cistaro campaign.

Pre-printed postcard front
Image akarabid (c) 2002

Pre-printed postcard back

Here is the basic breakdown of a Mission: Cistaro postcard:

1 - State Mission: Short but sweet.

2 - Contact: Information to help them find Anthony.

3 - Include the front photo, to unify your postcard with the rest of the Mission: Cistaro campaign.

4 - Disclaimer: Always include the disclaimer stating that this campaign is in no way affiliated with Anthony, etc.

5 - Thanks: Remember, they don't have to read your postcard. Thank them for their time.

6 - Demographic: Sign with a name and location. If you like, include the URL for this site.

Frequently Asked Questions

Disclaimer: Alias.Witchblade Mission:Cistaro is not connected in any way to actor Anthony Cistaro or his representatives, the television shows Alias or Witchblade, or any television network or production company.
Alias.Witchblade Mission:Cistaro is an entirely unaffiliated fan-run and fan-conceived campaign, totally independent of any of the above-referenced parties.

Directory of Field Operatives: Once you send your letter or postcard, e-mail Mrs. Sark and Mrs. J. Bristow with your online alias and we'll add you to our online directory of field operatives--that is if you think it's safe for your name to get out there.

Mrs. Sark and Mrs. J. Bristow are available via clicking on their respective encrypted frequencies.

This page has been a joint So Cal/So Ohio effort. (c) 2002