"Mr. Sark writes love poetry?" you ask yourself. "What new madness is this? Surely there must be some more nefarious purpose at work; a newfound venue for conveying coded messages, formulas to aid in the deciphering of Rambaldi's newest quest. I mean, *love* poetry? After all, this is Mr. Sark we're talking about, here, right? Right?"

Right. Love poetry, pure and simple. Whether he's borrowing the style of America's Emily Dickinson, or muddling through a Shakespearean sonnet, Mr. Sark, it seems, is a true poet at heart, and fond of jotting down his oft-conflicted feelings for those he encounters in the poetical form.
And now, thanks to the Freedom of Information Act, they are available here to the general public for the first time.

The Lover, the Writer

Archive of Declassified Works

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