--Monday 10 June 2002--

An open letter to HoratIoan visitors:
This is Ailis, Mistress Bracegirdle, the site Bos'n. HoratIoan will no longer be updated.
HoratIoan has always been, and will continue to be, an Internet site Concerning Horatio Hornblower and Ioan Gruffudd, and, in particular, the first four Hornblower films.
Ioan's career has really taken off, and I know we wish him all the best, but it is an awfully *large* task to keep up with his comings and goings in my own head, let alone produce on-line documentation about them. Which is why I'm happy leaving that to his guardian angels Officer April and Sally, who do such wonderfully complete and always current jobs.
HoratIoan's philosophy was always to cover [primarily] the aspect of Ioan's career that concerned his work in the Hornblower universe. For me, HoratIoan was the first HTML code I ever wrote, and the first website I ever completed, back when I was in school and had plenty of time on my hands to scour the Internet for hours on end. Because the site still has information some folks might like to see, I'm re-posting it, and declaring it "complete" in its incompleteness.
I hope you enjoy clicking around on it as much as I enjoyed created and maintaining it.
Now, don't forget to coil down that rope, and I want to see you skylarking on deck during the dogwatches from now on.

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