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Life at sea can be rough.
At times lonely. And with someone like Jack Simpson around, downright Hell.
Here's any good subject of King George's opportunity to make a difference in the life of someone in His Majesty's Navy during the Napoleonic Wars.

Weeks pass without fresh provisions if the supply ships can't make their runs.
Feminine companionship of any kind becomes, at best, a memory.
No one said life on the high seas would be a walk in the park.
Sometimes a bloke's got to have someone to tell his troubles. Someone to help him out in a jam, to send him the occasional care package, the odd bank note to take care of his gaming debts. Someone to look after his stuff, press his u-nee-form. Someone to look to for support below decks when Simpson starts in on a shipmate.

How, you're probably asking, can you, a landlubber (someone who gets ill at the very idea of a ship "pitching and waling") help?
By choosing to become either a Patron Saint, OR adopting a particular duty in regard to a seaman close to your heart. You define your duties, and make sure that everything is shipshape. We'll just post a running list for your reference (and Simpson's) here.

How do I apply for Patron Sainthood?

Any good seafarer will tell you that when a bad storm comes up or before charging courageously into battle, he looks to his Patron Saint for guidance.
If the character upon which you wish to bestow your patronage has sailed on either the Indy, the Justinian or the Renoun (this includes passengers), they're eligible for your astute council.
Patron Saints will be assigned on a first-come first-served basis. One per character, please. Who knows, someone out there might even pick Simpson. Though he doesn't strike any of us as the religious type.

Apply Today!
I'd like to apply for a commission!
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Patron Sainthood a little too much responsibility?
Rather take on a lesser duty?
*Maker of Styles' poultices...
*Fisher for the Compass...
*Keeper of the Chicken...
*Discerner of the "good frogs"...

If any of these sound good to you, or you've created your own title and duty, this is the job for you. Infinite in number (it takes a lot of men to keep a ship going).
Besides, knowing Simpson, he's never going to be satisfied with the job you're doing, especially if you're doing it well.

The Duty List

Check The Duty List, and see who's watching over the crew these days.
Visit here before applying.

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