Application for Patron Sainthood or Shipboard Duty

To apply, please be sure first to read the list to see if your request has already been filled by someone else. Each character can have only one patron saint. Keep in mind that dead characters are entitled to Patron Saints as well.

Characters can, however, have an infinite number of patrons helping them with specific duties. Unsure what you'd like to be assigned to do? First decide to whom, and then, think of something that sailor might be able to use help with, thereby freeing up their time to live the adventurous life of the high seas. (Examples: Sharpener of Matthews' Razor, Hanger of Kennedy's Hammock, Caretaker of Pellew's Cabin) Don't worry, if someone is already signed up as Caretakaker of Pellew's cabin, you could still be the official Cherisher of his Charts, which are in his cabin.

And don't just stick with the good guys. Feel free to consider giving a hand up to one of the Navy's less-noble chaps--Bunting, for example, could've really used some guidance. And let's not forget the ladies...few thought they may be.

Once you've decided what your true calling is, please e-mail the information as follows:

SUBJECT: Patron Application
TO: Saint Horatia
BODY TEXT: The duty that you wish to perform (you may include a brief description of the particulars, the character that you wish to bestow your patronage upon OR which character you would like to adopt as a Patron Saint. Remember--one per character.)
E-MAIL ADDRESS: [even if it is the same as where you're sending the message from] or, the name you would like to register the duty/patronage to, should you rather not to supply and e-mail.
URL: (if you have one--it doesn't have to be Hornblower based) to be posted on the Duty List.

You may want to copy and paste the above into the message you send.

I will reply as soon as possible, and alert you when your application is accepted and posted. Please keep this page friendly to minors. The committee reserves the right to veto any requests vulgar or deemed in poor taste. (After all, we are saints J)

Updated 10 June 02